The Seas of Arnesia

Session Four: About Town

Wherein friends are made and adventure abounds

The party returns to town for some well deserved R&R.

  • Promptu and Merric Underfoot uncover a book detailing the history of a lost relic of Solomial known as the Map of Unseen Lands.
  • Thurn and Gar Kanche meet with Lera Cladhammer to equip Thurn with a new weapon (+1 Kukri)
  • Edward visits Sariel Tuvain for treatment and discusses his role in town with Mayor Dresdek. That night he gets a visitor.
  • Kronos scams Bartel and several other townies before being scared off by Sariel Tuvain.
  • Aliana walks in on a fight between Sera Goodbody and Vaylen Byzander. With some coaching from Sera, Aliana tries to seduce the young Byzander, before Alexis interrupts everything.

Shortly afterwards, Gar Kanche discovers a Fang of Ardyn hanging from the neck of Jonas Weatherly, a local drunk and fisherman. The Fang is a symbol of the Knights of Ardyn, a terrorist group wanted for high crimes in Levendria. Kanche has Weatherly detained until more information can be gathered.

A few days later, Bull Cladhammer is in critical condition after drinking wine in his home that had been poisoned with Bloodfire. Already low on supplies, Kronos, Edward, and Promptu head north with Sariel to locate Shade of Evening mushrooms (after getting a giant moa named Irving from Bartel). While out, they are attacked by a bounty hunter named The Harpy, and learn that Sariel is a former assassin. They defeat The Harpy and gain several useful items…

  • Edward gains a +1 jacket
  • Promptu picks up a +1 rapier
  • Kronos gains two quivers full of arrows (10 of which are explosive)
  • Plus 1 healing potion and 1 invisibility potion

Meanwhile, Aliana and Thurn head south with the Byzanders to explore a deserted beach. There they uncover the skulls of slain goblins and find the culprits: a trio of orcs. They managed to kill them, but Alexis Byzander is critically wounded in the process.

The party reunites that evening, only to discover that Captain Gar Kanche has been killed, his head crushed into pieces, and Jonas Weatherly has escaped from prison.



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