The Seas of Arnesia

Session One: Welcome to Farshore

Wherein we meet our heroes

Date: Brightbloom 15, 1575 AE (Blooming Day)

The town of Farshore is greeted with a number of new arrivals as the tradeship Eventide pulls into port, followed by a pleasure yacht belonging to House Byzander, one of the Sea Kings of Levendria.

The town welcomes Liam Byzander, acting head of the family, and his entourage, along with a pair of Sentinel Marshals. During the festivities, our heroes meet a variety of local figures.

That night, after celebrating in The Talisman our heroes investigated the murder of a young boy. Inspection of the site revealed the culprits to be kobolds who pilfered a good deal of junk from a nearby shed.

The party tracked the kobolds into the jungle, nearly avoiding a terrifying rage drake, but ended up walking into a kobold ambush!



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