The Seas of Arnesia

Session Three: The Cavern

Wherein strange happenings abound

Aliana, Kronos, and Promptu land in a transmuted blob of gelatin, cushioning their landing, but quickly realize that their best hope of getting back to the surface is through an old cave system.

While exploring they discover numerous murals depicting the arrival of the yuan-ti to the island and the enslavement of the local people. Stranger still, though, are the numerous sounds and whispers seeming to come from nowhere.

The party stumbles upon a fragment of a stone tablet, bearing a language never before seen. As they push on, they discover a magnificent carving showing the arrival of a new group of humans, bearing what appears to be a stylized sun as their symbol, who fought the yuan-ti, and how the slaves took the god of these invaders as their own.

Finally, they stumbled upon a chamber filled with water and floating skeletons, surrounding a bizarre obelisk with Abyssal runes. The party fought the reanimated dead, but were nearly overwhelmed. As the skeletons tried to drown them, they saw visions of the past: of human slaves willingly killing themselves before the obelisk and praying to some dark god.

Meanwhile, Thurn and Edward had escaped the clutches of a giant spider and were following an abandoned series of mine tunnels. They encountered a few kobold survivors, including Mmm’mgwarf, only to have them devoured by hungry centipedes. During the trip, Edward discovered an odd capsule hidden in his arm, bearing what appears to be a copper cipher with the words “in order to grow, return to The Basics” carved on it, and a cryptic note:

“I’m sorry for my part. As I entrust this to you, so must you entrust this note to someone you believe in. -Greymor”

A collapse in the floor sends Thurn and Edward plummeting: right on top of Aliana and the others, breaking the obelisk and destroying the skeletons.

Reunited again, the party made it to the surface, where a rescue party was waiting for them. However, the party wasn’t sure who it was who had given them the time and place to be- they had received two notes with no signature.

Notable Items Gained

Edward: Capsule bearing cryptic note from Greymore and a copper cipher
Aliana: A silver ring given to a miner from Sariel Tuvain

-A fragment of a black stone tablet bearing an ancient language
-Two unsigned notes, in the same handwriting, telling Bull, Pollock, and Bartel where to go



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