The Seas of Arnesia

Session Two: The Junk Dragon Cometh

Wherein the kobold's plans are revealed

Date: Brightbloom 16-17, 1575 AE

The heroes trounced the kobolds and learned that they were lairing in a nearby mine. They convinced their hostage that they were interested in fighting Kheth, so the kobold agreed to lead them their.

After surviving a swarm of crauds and once more evading the rage drake, the party arrived at the mine. With their hostage’s help, they were permitted entry and taken to Tiktag, the kobold leader.

The players learned that Tiktag was commanding a damaged Heartstone Golem and claiming to wield divine power. His plan was to construct a dragon made of bits of junk, then use the golem’s Heartstone to animate it.

Unfortunately for the party, the awaken junk dragon was uncontrollable and rampaged through the cavern. The party was able to beat it, and claimed its badly damaged Heartstone, but between the instability of the cavern and the transmutation magic bleeding from the stone, the mine began to collapse.

Despite the party’s best efforts, they found themselves clinging onto a ledge over a yawning chasm…and then the Heartstone transmuted Edward’s limbs. Our heroes are sent plummeting into a giant dark pit…

Will they survive?

Aliana found a silver ring on a corpse with an inscription from Sariel Tuvain, the town doctor.

Thurn convinced one of the kobolds to give him a baby dire weasel

Edward’s right arm was transmuted to wood and snapped, while his right leg sprouted jagged spikes.



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