A Field Guide to Arnesia

The After-Empire Calendar

The people of Arnesia use a calendar based on the date of the Scouring, which destroyed the two empire of Bael Turath and Arkhosia.

Years in this calendar consist of 360 days divided into twelve 30 day months. Each month has three weeks, or tendays, with nine days corresponding to the Nine Divines and a tenth day dedicated to all of them.

Days of the Week

Drifting (mid-week holiday)
Goldenday (pay day)
Stormsday (weekend)
Nineday (weekend, holy day)

Months of the Year

Deep Frost – January
End Frost – February
Bright Bloom – March
High Bloom – April
Long Bloom – May
Bright Sun – June
High Sun – July
Long Sun – August
Dim Shadow – September
Deep Shadow – October
End Shadow – November
Dim Frost – December

Our story starts off on 1 Bright Bloom, 1575 AE

Flora and Fauna
Inns, Shops, and Taverns

A Field Guide to Arnesia

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