City-States of Arnesia

Cities of the North

Gilderheim: This dwarven city is built much like a fortress, designed to protect its bountiful mines. Its people are known for being wary and secretive.

Lhazaar: Consisting of dozens of small hamlets and fishing towns, Lhazaar maintains a strong position of neutrality in the conflicts of the region.

Cities of the East

Dalderosh: Once the seat of dragonborn power in Arnesia, Dalderosh is now under elven control after it lost a recent war with Levendria

Cities of the Center

Anchordown: A central trading and travel hub built from the wreckage of old ships. Home to the region’s most infamous prison.

Levendria:The most powerful and prosperous of the cities, Levendria is a center of global trade and commerce.

Cities of the South

Palakos: Known for its pristine weather, most of the people of Palakos live in a state of oppression at the hands of the eladrin aristocrats known as the Rosewater Lords.

Zanithar: The last remaining stronghold of the serpentine yuan-ti, Zanithar has a reputation of trading in goods of ill repute…particularly slaves.

Cities of the West

Shattercrag: A city built hanging off the side of enormous sea spires, Shattercrag is a port-of-call for rogues, pirates, and anyone looking to evade the law.

Spice Isles: These far-flung islets are home to blistering hot winds and exotic goods of all sorts.

City-States of Arnesia

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