Historical Actors and Events

Arkhosia: The mighty dragonborn empire of antiquity

Bael Turath: A dark empire ruled by tieflings who warred with Arkhosia

The Scouring: A divine reckoning which destroyed two mighty kingdoms

Morningtide War: The war which united the Sea Kings and founded Levendria

White Squall War: A relatively recent war between Levendria and Dalderash which ended with the annexation of Dalderash.

Brimstone Hour: An attack on Levendria by infernal forces

A Brief Timeline

2576 DY: The Scouring completely destroys Bael Turath and Arkhosia; the After Empires calendar begins.
10 AE: The dragonborn flee south and found the kingdom of Dalderosh
21 AE: Vantajar I, first king of Dalderosh, begins to expand his holdings to other islands.
25 AE: The disparate Sea Kings unite to halt Vantajar’s expansion; the Morningtide War begins
34 AE: Vantajar is betrayed by his own generals; the Morningtide War ends and Levendria is founded.
167 AE: The dwarves of Gilderheim emerge from their underground homes and establish a surface city.
326 AE: Trade with the Spice Isles is first established
550 AE: Sea King Terraldin destroys an entire Palakanian fleet single handed with the aid of a magic staff.
875 AE: After numerous pirate attacks the islands of Lhazaar form the Confederation for protection.
1030 AE: Sea King Jorassco is killed by Levendrian privateers; the age of rogue Sea Kings ends.
1052 AE: Xander Crowswing launches an expedition into the Azure Desolation and is never seen again
1171 AE: Candlekeep Library is first established.
1382 AE: Aelon Iveros is named the Hyacinth of Palakos and marks his reign by executing 3,000 prisoners
1475 AE: Niles Dresdek founds the town of Farshore with the aid of the copper dragon Castamere.
1535 AE: Levendria and Dalderosh go to war over territory disputes; the White Squall War begins
1540 AE: The White Squall War ends; Dalderosh is overtaken by Palakos after it cannot honor its debt
1552 AE: Castamere is killed in battle with the green dragon Khethanizar who renames the island
1554 AE: During a terrible storm the Morrow’s Folly wrecks onto the beaches of Kheth
1560 AE: A peculiar solar eclipse darkens the sun for nearly a week before ending suddenly
1567 AE: A group of mages unleashes an army of devils on Levendria, becoming The Brimstone Hour
1568 AE: The Brimstone Hour ends; the Knights of Ardynt are revealed as the culprits
1572 AE: Three youths from Farshore sneak up to Serpent Hill and vanish
1573 AE: Kheth devours Aerina Underfoot after tribute is not met
1575 AE: Current year

Historical Actors and Events

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