List of NPCs

Personalities of Farshore

Maxwell Dresdek (male human): Mayor of Farshore; friendly and easy-going.
Valeria Dresdek (female eladrin): Maxwell’s wife, an aristocrat who knows everybody’s business.
Bullard “Bull” Cladhammer (male dwarf): Captain of the Farshore guard
Marsinda Cladhammier (female dwarf): Bull’s wife, town treasurer
Lera Cladhammer (female human): Bull and Marsinda’s adopted daughter; best smith in Farshore
Pollock and Bartel Clandiggen (male dwarf and mul respectively): Deputies of the Farshore guard.
Balasar Ankresh (male dragonborn): Town stonemason, dullard, and engineer.
Thava Ankresh (female dragonborn): Local schoolmarm; formerly of Candlekeep
Sariel Tuvain (female windsoul genasi): Town doctor and botany enthusiast; former assassin.
Merric Underfoot (male halfling): The local priest of Solomial
Tarak (male half-orc): Follower of Eflyn; tends a shrine on a hill.
Jonas Weatherly (male half-elf): Local fisherman and town drunk. Possessed a Fang of Ardyn.
Lucien Adimarchus (male tiefling): The jovial proprietor of the Talisman
Roland Flint (male human): A former sailor who survived the wreck of the Morrow’s Folly
Captain Serah Goodbody (female halfling): Captain of the merchant ship Eventide
Beshaba (female eladrin): A good natured wizard and alchemist who lives just outside of town.

Session 1

Captain Gar Kanche (male dragonborn): Captain in the Sentinel Marshals, CO of Thurn. Killed in an alley way.
Liam Byzander (male human): Second son of Oran Byzander and acting manager of the house
Alexis Byzander (male human): Son of Liam; wealthy, privileged party-lover. Short, styled hair
Vaylen Byzander (male human): Nephew of Liam; more reserved and competent. Dark hair in a ponytail
Chespin Arclight (male half elf): One-armed manservant of the Byzanders
Tyrilda Gladehart (female gnome): Bespectacled secretary to the Byzanders
Brenten Whitewater (male human): Child killed by kobolds
Susanna Whitewater (female human): Mother of Brenten
Khethanizar aka Kheth (green dragon): Paranoid overlord of the island of Kheth

Session 2

Mm’mgwarrf: Kobold flunky, presumed dead
Tiktag: Kobold leader, killed by junk dragon
Castamere (copper dragon): Former lord of island; killed by Kheth; still dead

Session 4

The Harpy (female elf): A bounty hunter with an eye patch, looking for Sariel and Kronos.


Morrow’s Folly: Ship that sunk off the coast of Kheth 19 years ago
Eventide: Trade ship of Serra Goodbody
Lantheon: Flag ship of House Byzander

List of NPCs

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