Eflyn, the Oaken Father

General Domains: Nature, Beasts, Life, Balance, Harvest
Arnesian Domains: Fair Weather, Whales, Water
Other Names: Lifegiver, Silvanus, Melora, Green God, Malar
Holy Symbols: An emerald colored leaf
Astral Realm: Arborea, the Unbroken Wilds
Divine Servitors: Primal Beasts

The father of beasts, the mother of nature, Eflyn embodies nature in all of its aspects, be it the beauty of a field of flowers, the majesty of a great oak, or the savagery of a hungry predator. He, or she, can be seen in the blooming of a flower, a field filled with wheat, the birth of a new life, and in the bloody carcass of a fresh kill. No god, perhaps, embodies such contradictions better than Eflyn, appropriate given that it is the deity of balance. His worshipers seek to honor life in all its forms, protect the wild places of the world, and maintain the natural balance of all things.

Civilizations honor Eflyn as the deity of the harvest, fertility, and birth. Farming and rural communities in particular pay Eflyn homage, erecting small shrines and leaving offerings of harvested grain, fresh fruit, and picked flowers. Hunters of all types typically leave some of their kill behind for the wild creatures, using death to foster new life.

Eflyn often holds a central place in the beliefs of primal cultures, who see the god as an embodiment of their lifestyle and values. Indeed, nearly all aspects of these cultures are touched in some way by the Lifegiver, and it is said that these wild mystics have a special connection to Eflyn’s spirit beasts.

For all the reverence bestowed on Eflyn, the Green God is not a wholly benevolent deity, for he/she also embodies the ferocity and cold impartiality of nature. Eflyn plays no favorites in the struggle for survival, grants no quarter and expects none. Savage man-eaters are every bit a part of the god’s domain as peaceful woodland critters, and those who cannot prosper in this kill-or-be-killed world often die screaming. Any number of savage humanoids revere these aspects of Eflyn, particularly lycanthropes and minotaurs, who are said to perfectly embody the line between savagery and civilization.

Numerous orders are dedicated to Eflyn, including the Daughters of Bounty, a holy order of priestesses and midwives, and the Bloodmoon, a collection of fanatical beast cultists and were-creatures. Even more numerous, however, are the various shamanistic and druidic orders and traditions found among primal cultures.

Eflyn’s astral domain is Arborea, a magnificent nature-scape said to contain every environment found in the mortal world. Beasts, birds, and fish from every corner of the globe inhabit this realm, roaming freely between it and the natural world. The trees which grow here are ancient beyond mortal reckoning, thought to be the first ever planted in all of existence. This is the home of the Primal Beasts, the spirits of the first animals to come into existence, such as the Great Bear, the Whale Mother, and the White Tiger.

Eflyn is the best deity to worship because
he embodies the pure spirit of the natural world, its endless complexity and awesome majesty. She is the deity of newborn babes and bountiful fields, ripe figs and blossoming flowers. Regardless of one’s moral outlook, background, or circumstances, all living things are beholden to the Lifegiver in some way. Eflyn seeks to maintain the balance of nature and thus wages war against such horrors as aberrations, demons, and undead

Eflyn is the worst deity to worship because
he is a cruelly callous and indifferent deity. Those who offer Eflyn praise see only half of what the Green God embodies- she is also the mother of ravenous beasts and poisonous plants, crippling drought , and disease-ridden vermin. Eflyn offers neither gifts nor curses, but rather stands idly by as her “children” suffer and tear one another part. Those who extol the virtues of nature have never had their loved ones torn apart by werewolves or slowly die of hunger. Nature has no love, no pity, no sense of justice or fairness- and neither does Eflyn.

Eflyn, the Oaken Father

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