Solomiel, the Noble Drifter

General Domains: Travel, Luck, Change, Downtrodden, Moon
Arnesian Domains: Good Winds, Birds, Sailors
Other Names: Fharlaugn, Avandra, the Old Man with the Canaries, Maiden of the White Well
Holy Symbols: Three wavy lines on top of one another
Astral Realm: Meander
Divine Servitors: Guardinals

Solomial is the benevolent deity of change and travel, of good fortune and those most in need of it. His presence is felt on the winds which plow ships across the sea, in the sound of cobblestones beneath one’s feet, in the fall of dice on a taproom table, and shimmer of moonlight on a still lake. He is the guardian of the downtrodden and suffering, subtly guiding beggars to generous philanthropists and bending the forces of chance to reward the righteous and pious. His clerics seek to alleviate the suffering of the weak and aid travelers in their journeys.

Solomial is a popular deity, particularly among halflings who view him as their creator deity. Within cities his faithful are easily found among the poor, in alehouses and inns, and on shipping wharves and gambling halls. As befits the god of travel, Solomial has few, if any, temples, though he keeps a shrine within Houses of the Nine. Instead, Solomial’s faithful operate consecrated inns, hostels, and soup-kitchens, where the poor and world-weary can find shelter and sustenance at no charge (donations, of course, are always welcome). Pious gamblers often donate some or all of their first winnings to a charity or a beggar, in hopes of winning the god’s favor.

Outside of cities, Solomial is often strongly associated with winds and the moon. His followers are often augers and aeromancers, trying to divine the future in the flight of birds or the movement of dust on the wind. Birds of prey, especially owls, are often kept by these mystics, raised to be faithful hunting companions, messengers, and scouts. As the god of the moon, Solomial is thought to watch over his faithful when night descends, and some tribes maintain orders of elite rangers specialized at hunting in the dark.

Solomial, however, is not without his dark followers. In their drive to bring relief to the poor, Solomial’s followers sometimes become overzealous fanatics dedicated to the downfall of those they view as oppressive and exploitative. They become violent anarchists, fire-bombers, and revolutionaries, killing the rich, the powerful, and anyone who might oppose their cause.

Solomial has a handful of religious orders dedicated to him, particularly the Wayfinders, a group of wandering mystics and ascetics. These monks wander the land, seeking enlightenment and knowledge through their travels, and assisting those they come across. A Wayfinder’s pledge of aid is solemn and makes no distinction for the recipient’s alignment or circumstances, offering succor to noble knights and black-hearted knaves alike. As a result, even normally remorseless bandits and cruel warlords often allow these pilgrims to pass through their lands unmolested, lest they themselves need a Wayfinder’s aid some day.

The astral realm of Solomial, Meander, is unique in that it is not a strictly astral domain. Rather, Meander is a pocket dimension that winds inscrutably through every plane, intersecting with it at numerous points. Those who visit it describe Meander as a wide twisting road, sometimes dirt, sometimes cobblestones, surrounded by vast tracts of rolling green hills, tranquil meadows, babbling brooks, and inviting forests. As Meander nears a new intersecting plane, its appearance changes slightly to reflect this fact. Living amongst, and protecting this realm are the guardinals, a race of immortal humanoids with distinctively animal-like features. Guardinals come in a variety of forms, from eagle to ram to lion, and each takes its charge as both guard and caretaker very seriously. Even so, a guardinal that doesn’t feel threatened is among the most peaceful and joyous creatures one could ever encounter.

Solomial is the best deity to worship because
he is the spirit of benevolent change, of charity and compassion, and of fortune and the great, wide world. Solomial’s faithful work to care for the weak and mistreated, to explore the far corners of the globe, and improve the lots of all they encounter. He is the devoted foe to the tyrannical, the oppressive, and the selfish.

Solomial is the worst deity to worship because
he is a flighty deity, prone to wanderlust and abdication of his duties. Solomial is a hypocritical deity, bent on caring for the less fortunate, but unwilling to put in the effort and discipline necessary to actually making them less poor. His followers are naïve bleeding-hearts at best, and violent revolutionaries and anarchists at worst.

Solomiel, the Noble Drifter

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