Theria, the Silver Magus

General Domains: Magic, Beauty, Love, Mercy, Stars
Arnesian Domains: Navigation, Sea Fey, Coral Reefs
Other Names: Boccob, Sune, the Source Arcana, the Evening Star
Holy Symbol: An eight-pointed starburst
Astral Realm: Sidera, the House of Silver
Divine Servitors: Quesar

Theria is the deity of magic and the stars, the god of beauty in all its forms, including arts, love, and mercy. Her power is heard in the vows made at weddings, guides a sculpture’s hands as he works a masterpiece, and is felt in displays of awesome arcane prowess. She is the light of stars which shine upon lovers’ trysts, the mercy shown to a remorseful criminal, the muse which inspires the creation of a new spell. Her followers seek to master the practice of arcane magic, create works of matchless beauty, and foster and protect love wherever they find it.

Civilization reveres Theria as a patron of the arts, architecture, and the study of magic. Mages are among her most common followers, as are painters, sculptors, and playwrights. Her priests often curate grand art collections and tutor the gifted in arcane magic, but perhaps their most popular and common function is to preside over marriages and weddings. She is the favored deity of the eladrin, who trace their ancestry to her directly. Among the high elves her temples are often second-to-none, and much of eladrin society is organized in accordance with the Evening Star’s ideals.

Outside of cities Theria is typically honored as the deity of stars and the night sky. Primal cultures look to the heavens for navigation, time keeping, and divination purposes; comets, meteors, and auroras too are associated with her. Many sailors, shamans, and astrologers offer her prayers as well.

Despite the Source Arcana’s natural inclination towards morality, there are those who revere her that are not so kind. Theria’s preoccupation with beauty leads some of her followers to become decadent hedonists and elitists. Mages can sometimes become obsessed with their pursuit of greater magical prowess, turning blind to the risks they are taking. Among the most dangerous, however, are those who combine these two outlooks, viewing magic, and those who practice it, as innately better or more beautiful. These beauty obsessed fanatics often turn to extreme measures to maintain their appearance or remove those they consider inferior, even going so far as extermination or undeath.

Theria has many divine orders dedicated to him, especially among the fey. One of the most famous is the Midnight Eyrie, a collection of astronomers and astrologers who serve the empire of Nerath. From their mountain observatory of Starhaunt they chart the progress of stars across the night sky, attempting to divine the mysteries of those distant lights for the glory of their nation.

The astral domain of Theria is Sidera, the House of Silver. Those who visit it describe it as an opulent palace of unrivaled majesty and beauty, filled with gardens containing every known type of flower and fruit, fountains with water that changes color to perfectly match the lighting,and galleries of artwork taken from the greatest masters across history. So large is Sidera that it houses eight different magical academies and orders within its walls, where the greatest practitioners of the arcane gather from across the cosmos to train and swap notes. In addition to the numerous angels who reside here, Sidera is also home to the quesar, humanoid beings comprised of pure starlight and innately connected to arcane magic.

Theria is the best deity to worship because
she is the light of mercy, the patron of beauty and love. Theria and her servants strive to make the world better through compassion, culture, and the power of arcane magic. She is the avowed foe of those who would poison, despoil, and corrupt the world, and a patron to lovers, spellcasters, and artists.

Theria is the worst deity to worship because
she is an elitist and frivolous deity who whiles away the years perfecting paint strokes while monstrous hordes rampage across the world. Her followers are hedonists who often look down on those they deem less cultured than themselves, or reckless wizards who tamper with the fabric of reality itself.

Theria, the Silver Magus

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