Situated in the middle of greater Arnesia, Anchordown is a city built from a combination of an atoll and the remains of old ships. It serves as a terminal, meeting ground, and supply port for numerous trade groups and organizations, and many captains make a stop at Anchordown to restock on supplies and recruit new blood.

It is also home to numerous warehouses, banks, as well as counting and auction houses, but among its most impressive sites is the archives: Anchordown’s Harbor-Master keeps meticulous records of all ships and cargo who enter and leave its wharves, making a city of far greater import than its small size would suggest.


Anchordown is also home to one of the most infamous structures in all Arnesia- Brinespire, the largest and most secure prison in the region. Carved from an enormous granite column that sits roughly a quarter of a mile from Anchordown, Brinespire is home to some of Arnesia’s most loathed and feared criminals, spread out among twenty floors and protected by over 1,000 guards.

The only way off of Brinespire is a small ferry which travels to the island once a day at different hours…or to throw yourself from the prison’s high cells. The need to supply the jailors of Brinespire was the origin of Anchordown in the first place, and the payments that other cities make in exchange for holding their worst criminals goes a long way to filling Anchordown’s coffers.


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