Bael Turath

Bael Turath, the Light of the North, the Jewel of Divine Immanence, the First Empire of Man. Before the border disputes with Arkhosia exploded into a full out invasion, Bael Turath was one of the most glorious empires the world had ever seen. But as the dragonborn began to encroach on their lands, the Turathi turned to their decadent aristocracy for greater and greater safety and security.

Despite these concessions, the Turathi found themselves unable to regain those territories they had initially lost, but still the high born lords asked for greater autonomy and resources, until the people of Bael Turath were little but slaves in their own kingdom. But the nobles had grown haughty and jealous in their new power- the mere idea of dragonborn reigning in the choice lands which had traditionally been Turathi filled the nobles with rage, all the greater that they could do nothing to change it.

No one is certain how the whispers first began, but quickly they were repeated in every shadowed corner or masquerade- a means to power greater still, the power to push out their enemies and to raise an empire which would never die. All that was required were certain rituals, performed in darkness or by fire, certain arrangements made…and a price to be paid.

And then one night, across the entire empire, the nobles of Bael Turath performed a ritual to contact the forces of the Nine Hells. The devils offered power unimagined, in exchange for all that the nobles had. The pact was struck and all across the empire fires ravaged villages and blood filled the streets. The Turathi people, who had long ago sold themselves to their noble lords in exchange for safety, learned the true price of their bargain.

And the next morning, when the smoke cleared and the screams began to subside, there emerged from the darkened manors and palaces a new race, conceived in treachery and bloodshed- the tiefling race was born. And it was not long before they had raised armies of their own, and began their march on Arkhosia. The War of the Burning Sky had begun.

Bael Turath

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