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Arnesia is an enormous equatorial ocean on the world of Alcerion, littered with island chains and populated by both humanoids and giant sea monsters. The islands have known many masters and seen the rise of countless empires, but their people remain long after more powerful states have receded into the shadows of history.

The isles of Arnesia are numerous and varied- unusual currents and shifting weather from the Great Elemental Storm cause some islands to have radically different climates than their neighbors, and the threat of dying winds or gliding monsters have kept many of its regions unexplored.

Arnesia is home to numerous city-states, each with its own laws and customs. Although each city is, on paper at least, independent, few would dispute the enormous power exerted by such states as Levendria and Palakos. Peace between the states has been constant for decades, but beyond the territorial waters there is little law enforcement or protection. Privateers are common tools of justice and conflict resolution among the city-states, especially for common problems like piracy and monster attacks.

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