Morningtide War

After their empire was destroyed in The Scouring, many of the dragonborn of Arkhosia fled south into Arnesia. Led by a charismatic and famously powerful admiral named Vantajar, the refugees eventually settled on several large islands in the east. After defeating the native elven forces, the dragonborn eventually expanded their influence across the whole of the region, founding the kingdom of Dalderosh and crowning Vantajar as their first king.

But Vantajar was not satisfied with his “meager” holdings. He dreamed of a new empire as grand as Arkhosia, a home for the dragonborn diaspora across the globe. After conquering the eastern regions of Lhazaar, Dalderosh managed to attract the attention of the numerous Sea Kings.

Long divided by blood feuds and petty squabbles, these pirate-lords banded together for the first time to combat Vantajar’s imperial designs in a clash which is now known as the Morningtide War for the sight of Dalderosi ships on the dawn’s horizon.

The last and greatest battle of that war was the Battle of Dragonfall at the then-small and inconsequential trading post known as Levendria. As the dragonborn fleets were put to the torch and their ground forces surrounded, Vantajar, unwilling to bend to any power that was not draconic, was betrayed and assassinated by his own generals.

According to popular accounts the dragonborn king was encased in a tomb of black stone and dumped into the sea, denied the funeral pyre awarded to Arkhosian heroes, and the spot of his death was marked with the construction of the now world-famous Dragonfall Coliseum.

Morningtide War

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