The Thirteen

The governing body of Levendria, the Council of Thirteen (or just the Thirteen, as it is commonly called) combines elements of representative democracy and competitive aristocracy.

Six of the council’s members are elected, one from each of the city’s districts except for the Aurum District. Six more members are appointed by the heads of each of the great noble houses of Levendria, known as the Sea Kings. The final member is the High Lantern of Candlekeep, who usually only casts a vote in the event of a tie.

Current Members

Xander Arclight (male human)
Oran Byzander (male human)
Kodlack Erandir, Champion District (male darfellan)
Claire Hawksbane, Azure District (female halfling)
Jazel Hightower, Sunrise (female human)
Torhm Ironblood of House Orzhov (male dwarf)
Ischyros, Merchant District (male yuan-ti)
Hollis Mulray (male human)
Isperia Senestrago (female eladrin)
Cytheel Stargrave (female elf)
Freida Stormheart, Cudgel District (female dwarf)
Vanthus Summermist, Shadowshore (male human)
High Lantern Mandarius IV (male eladrin)

The Thirteen

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